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Thread: [ubuntu_studio] 13.04 messed up ARANDR

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    Re: 13.04 messed up ARANDR

    ... I suggest moving/renaming ALL of them until you get it working

    FWIW I'm not sure that 'on' is a valid output option - you might want to try replacing 'off' with 'auto'

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    [ubuntu_studio] 13.04 messed up ARANDR

    Will try that...

    Actually I just copied the old Arandr script from a previous install that hadn't been completely deleted and was able to access the desktop again. Arandr still didn't work, it just showed one default monitor, but I noticed that a partial update updated some of the modules but not all of them, so I think that was the original problem.

    I just completed a full update and am going to reboot, then I'll have to run aticonfig --initial again to get the amdccle and have full support. Hopefully.
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