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Thread: How to use FTP on Ubuntu VPS on OpenVz

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    Question How to use FTP on Ubuntu VPS on OpenVz

    Hello everyone! I have no idea what I am doing.

    I bought a "Virtual Private Server" on OpenVz from It is running Ubuntu 13.10 x64. My main IP is <removed>
    I have no idea how to administer an Ubuntu server. I use Windows 8. I downloaded putty to SSH into my server.

    Could someone please explain to me in the simplest of terms how to install an "FTP Daemon" on my server so I can upload files and create my website?

    The only reason I bought this Virtual Private Server is to make a website with FTP. This is much harder than I anticipated lol.

    Thank you very much!
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    Re: How to use FTP on Ubuntu VPS on OpenVz

    please do not post your public ip on a forum, it allows others to access your server

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    Re: How to use FTP on Ubuntu VPS on OpenVz

    If you are just using ftp to transfer files, just use sftp instead as it is already included with openssh-server.

    I would recommend securing ssh on your server before doing anything else. That way you make sure no one is able to access your machine.

    See here:

    Sidenote, I would only run a LTS release like 12.04 on a production server. A 6 month release cycle is too short for my tastes.
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