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Thread: Scheduling Backups to NAS and waking from suspend

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    Scheduling Backups to NAS and waking from suspend

    Hi there,
    I have been using Ubuntu 13.10 and have just about got it as I want. The only outstanding issue which is causing me a lot of headache is scheduled back ups.

    What I want to do is this: Every 4 weeks at 12:00, wake the computer from suspend, backup the home folder to the NAS drive (and delete the previous backup), suspend again.

    I have mounted the NAS as a bookmark using the instructions here
    Now every time I restart the PC, the NAS is a bookmark and I can click it and it loads the files no problem.

    I have tried a number of applications and can't seem to get a solution to what seems to be a simple problem!
    I am thinking that a command line solution using cron would maybe be the best bet

    Can anyone help me out here please?
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