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Thread: OS4 accidentally muted - now can't get any sound

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    OS4 accidentally muted - now can't get any sound


    I accidentally muted the sound (I can't recall exactly how, but I think I just pulled the slider down) and then slid the slider back up for sound and now I can't get the sound back. I know it's not the speakers because if I boot to xp or windows7 I get sound.

    I have a screenshot here that shows a window in the upper right corner. there is an x between the speaker and the volume bar. I am 99% certain that the problem is getting rid of that x. I never paid it much mind before, but I don't think the x is there when there is sound.

    there's bad news. I tried to fix the problem by following some tutorials and entering commands in the terminal. I don't know how badly I messed things up. that's why I am here.
    at this time, I am not sure if I have pulse or alsa. neither work anyway.
    I am getting ready to wipe the partition and install new, but I thought I would come here and ask for help first.
    I might also learn something about configuring and diagnosing sound problems while I am at it. I am pretty good with the terminal and editors.


    edit: I am running OS4 (not mac) linux as it says in the title. either 12.04 or 12.10. I can't seem to find where it says.
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    Re: OS4 accidentally muted - now can't get any sound

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    Re: OS4 accidentally muted - now can't get any sound

    check alsa mixer.

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    Re: OS4 accidentally muted - now can't get any sound

    I actually couldn't believe it was alsamixer, but it was. I have sound.

    to start with, all I had (as you see in the picture) was master.
    I added everything I could, and everything on the bottom that had a red X, I removed the X by clicking on it. by the time I removed the last X the sound was playing.

    it turns out that I need all of these in the alsamixer and that none are muted:

    1. master
    2. headphone
    3. front
    4. surround
    5. center
    6. LFE

    thanks mips. you were right
    I'll mark this thread as SOLVED if I can figure out how.

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