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Thread: Linking old and new accounts

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    Linking old and new accounts

    This was my old account

    I am not entirely sure which email address is attached to it, and (somehow) can't find any ubuntuforum posts in any of my mail archives (maybe I had all the notifications off?)

    How should I proceed in attaching these two accounts? Should I just keep changing the email address on the new account, logging out, and logging back in? Is there a way to figure out which email in particular the old account was tied to?

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    Re: Linking old and new accounts

    The email in the older account has "charter" in the email domain. Does that help you to remember it? If that email is still active, set it as preferred in Ubuntu One and then post back so that we can disassociate this account from Ubuntu One to allow you to log into the old account.

    If the email is not still active, post back and let us know and we'll find some other way of doing this.
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