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Thread: Nvidia gtx 580 graphics card, two monitors

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    Nvidia gtx 580 graphics card, two monitors

    For years I liked linux but didn't use it because I frequently gamed. Now I don't game as much and want to develop things but it seems that linux is still a real pain in the ass. I can get ubuntu 13.10 installed but the problem is i am having graphic driver problems. The default drivers work and they set up both of my screens but it's slow. When I try to download the binary nvidia drivers I run into problems. It disables my second screen. If I try to enable it through nvidia settings it says that I need to save it to a configuration file for it to work. When I save it to a configuration file the second monitor shows up when I get to the login screen but when I type in my password and username the system just does nothing. my cursor still moves around but I am just stuck in limbo forever. I have already had to manually turn off the power to my computer several times because of problems and hangs. I used linux a long time ago and while I remember not everything worked... I can't remember ever having to cut the power to my computer.

    what should I do? Btw before I saved the configuartion in nvidia settings........ I couldn't even find an /etc/X11/xorg.config file. there wasn't one.

    I tried the nvidia driver from the ubuntu software and I also reinstalled ubuntu and tried installing a ppa and more current drivers 331 . I seem to be stuck at this point.
    I have 3 nvidia gtx 580 graphics cards and 2 monitors hooked up

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    Re: about to give up on ubuntu and linux in general

    Why not give another distro like mint a try, it will just work on your setup!


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