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Thread: Copy between TTYs

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    Copy between TTYs

    How can I copy text from one tty to another?

    I have a terminal open in tty7 (graphical interface) and I want to copy some of its contents to tty1 (where I have nano open).
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    Re: Copy between TTYs

    I used to use that a lot.. The buffer is lost when you exit the desktop to enter a tty.
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    Re: Copy between TTYs

    bapoumba is right. The system considers ttys to be separate terminal machines, sitting side by side. They are multiplexed onto a single keyboard/display as a convenience - they could as easily be in different rooms.

    GUI cut/paste buffers don't work in a non-GUI terminal.
    The terminal windows you create and use within the GUI can use cut/paste buffers because they are within that environment.

    In a non-GUI environment you usually transmit data between ttys as a saved file. Applications transmit data between ttys using files, pipes, or sockets.


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