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Thread: indicator-sound problem (not functional)

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    indicator-sound problem (not functional)

    Hello! I've been installing some plugins (flashsupport-jack and vlc - jack) plugin, and everything worked fine. But then I logged out from the 2D into 3D session (I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 Unity) and it all went down hill. First there was no sound at all. Then I reinstalled alsa pulseaudio and the sound came back, but the indicator-sound was missing. I installed it again, but it's not functional! It's all grayed out, and I can't adjust neither output or input volume, nor I can set the input from line in to mic in as I could previously! When I enter system settings, in the output tab under "Play sound through" nothing is listed, and same in the input tab under "Record sound from". Would someone, please help me?!

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    Re: indicator-sound problem (not functional)

    I have run into a similar problem. At the moment :

    Ubuntu 13.10 on a Lenovo T440S has the following sound related issues :

    1- No sound indicator in the upper right corner
    2- No sound output from either the built in speakers, head phone jacks or hdmi
    3- In the Sound app there is nothing in the ''Play sound trough'' list and nothing works

    I have tried no changes

    I would also appreciate some input from more knowleadgeable people

    Happy new year

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    Re: indicator-sound problem (not functional)


    Am I the only one facing this ? A brand new Lenovo T440s and no sound This is really frustrating

    BTW I know the hardware is good, it works fine under windows

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    Re: indicator-sound problem (not functional)

    How does it work in a live boot of the development version (14.04)?
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