Hi all,

I currently use Dropbox to back up important data (via symlinking into ~/Dropbox). Basically, my "important data" is mainly University work, plus mp3s downloaded from Amazon, plus some ripped music I've lost/scratched the CD for, plus photos. Adds up to around 30GB currently.

Being a student, money is tight, and so far, I've managed to accumulate around 42GB on my Dropbox account for free (mainly because I got an extra 25GB by installing it on my phone). However, this data allowance is time limited, I've got about another year left.

Ultimately, I'll be seeking some other solution, but in the immediate future, shrinking down my 'important data' would be useful. Is there a way of automating compression into a particular folder, and then symlinking that compressed folder to my ~/Dropbox? In short, I'd envision the following (square brackets denote my computer locally):

[Folders A,B,C ---(compression)---> D ----(sym link)---> Dropbox folder] <----(upload/download)---> Dropbox servers.

Also...one of the sets of MP3s I bought (this time from Google) was downloaded from them as a .zip file (since it was two compilation albums of ~70 songs each). Would I be able to leave this as one of the 'input' files (in the diagram, inside e.g. Folder B) - effectively having a compression of a .zip+some other music? The work around if not is obvious (just unzip, then copy over?), but that particular example raises an interesting question of what happens inside the computer when you compress a compressed file/folder