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Thread: Difference between the host and the guest OS kernel versions

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    Difference between the host and the guest OS kernel versions

    I had installed Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit on my Laptop (host OS) when it was released (around April, 2012) and after applying all the patches (sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get dist-upgrade), the version of Linux kernel is
    uname -r
    Recently I downloaded ubuntu-12.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso and used if for installing a guest OS on top of VirtualBox, the default Linux kernel is
    uname -r
    And 3.8.0-34 is available on doing a dist-upgrade on the guest.

    Why is not the kernel version getting upgraded to 3.8.0-* on the host OS even after a dist-upgrade? I am getting the rest of the upgrades though.

    Also, because of the kernel mismatch I am not able to install the VirtualBox guest additions.
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    Re: Difference between the host and the guest OS kernel versions

    Because of the long term support nature of 12.04, newer kernels were backported. There is a difference between 12.04 and 12.04.3. So perhaps reinstall your host using 12.04.3 or use some instructions that are available on the web for upgrading the kernel.

    According to the release notes, 12.04.2 had a mechanism to automatically upgrade to 12.04.3. So I presume you have to upgrade to 12.04.2 then reboot and continue to perform updates until you are at 12.04.3. Pay attention to the section entitled: LTS Hardware Enablement Stack
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    Re: Difference between the host and the guest OS kernel versions

    The developers decided that to get the 3.8.x kernel and the Hardware Enablement Stack for 12.04.2/3, users would have to manually and deliberately install them from 12.04/12.04.1. If you haven't done that, your upgrades are going to keep the kernel at 3.2.x. There are changes significant enough that there is this "Are you really sure?" step that dist-upgrade will not take on its own.

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