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Thread: Mupen64PLus

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    Re: Mupen64PLus

    I've had a lot of fun playing around with this stuff.
    Setting the parameters is simple
    with plugins, it has a default directory (/usr/lib/x86_64-gnu-linux/mupen64plus for me at least)
    so to switch the default plugin for example changing the video from rice to glide64
    mupen64plus --gfx /path/to/game/file
    notice that there is a space between mupen64plus and --gfx, and a space between the --gfx and the plugin. and plugin from the game filepath.
    Likewise, if you wanted to run a plugin which is not in the default plugin directory, use the full path
    something like
    mupen64plus --gfx /some/other/path/other/than/the/default/plugin/path/ /game/file
    If you want to run multiple options like setting a cheat and fullscreen and a different plugin then
    mupen64plus --cheats 1 --gfx --fullscreen /game/filepath, or "/game/file path"
    and so on, like so.
    If you want to save it then add the --saveoptions command after the last option, but before the game file path.

    So it's important to note the basics are option then space then option then space.

    As far as setting up the controllers go, look at the file InputAutocfg.ini, which should be in either
    /usr/share/mupen64plus, or

    I see mine has a listing for a playstation3 controller, but I do not know how well it connects it.
    This might help more on that matter

    Overall though, I have had a little more fun playing around with this than I normally would care to do.
    I normally just play the games, without getting into the underlying working of how to set thing up.
    I hope something in the above ramblings help you, somewhat, out.
    I'll leave with an interesting one
    mupen64plus --cheats 'list' /game/file/path
    if you run this command, if the game has cheats, which most certainly it will, it will generate the list, by number.
    To enable the cheats run the cheats command and follow the basic one I used earlier.
    If the cheat is something with extra options, like it says cheat number 1, subsection 3 then the command would be
    --cheats 1-3
    if you want multiple cheats then use commas between them
    --cheats 1,2,3-4,5
    and if you want to enable all cheats
    --cheats 'all'
    Again, I'm rambling.
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    Re: Mupen64PLus

    Case closed! That post finished helping me, I'm finally set and pretty much understand how to work Mupen64Plus.
    I find that using windowed is better tan fullscreen, since fullscreen displays the same size anyways. It can never fill up the entire screen no matter what. --windowed --resolution 1024x768 is the best I can get.

    I finally got all my game launchers created. I also added a shortcut to the saves folder, and the config file. I made screenshots of all the emulator controls, so I'm all set and don't even need a GUI or anything special. Just simply click a launcher and play.

    But one thing was weird, the saves. I renamed my roms, deleting the "(U) [!]" parts of the file names. But no matter what I do, the output save files will always include "(U) [!]". So to import my save files to mupen64plus, I had to make a save file with every game to see how it's named. Then name my older save files accordingly. Now I have all my completed game saves from Project64.
    Oh and another thing, the save directory is now in the same directory as the roms. It creates a folder called saves, and that's where saves go. Though it seems like at one point, saves went to the default save directory.

    I can already see that Mupen64plus 2.0 works much better than Mupen64 0.5.1 . I'm glad I went through all this trouble to use a much more stable N64 emulator on my Chromebook. Hopefully I can help others now that I know how it works.

    Thanks so much for your support, nobody else would've helped me with this.

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    Re: Mupen64PLus

    Moved to Emulators.
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