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Thread: Really strange behavior while booting

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    Really strange behavior while booting

    My computer have dual boot, Windows 8 (pre-installed) and Ubuntu 12.04
    On a random basis, I can't boot to Ubuntu. I get to see the GRUB screen with all the booting options but sometimes, after the countdown (or after pressing enter when the countdown does not appear) the screen stays dark and nothing happens. After rebooting or running the live usb and rebooting again I can boot into Ubuntu. I don't know if the following has anything to do with this but a few days ago I configured the hybrid suspend option to be able to hibernate. The script shows like this:
    # Always use suspend_hybrid instead of suspend
    if [ "$METHOD" = "suspend_hybrid" ]; then
    PM_HIBERNATE_DELAY=300 # time in seconds until hibernate (suspend to disk) occurs; 900 means 15 minutes"
    I really can't tell if both things are related or not, but I think that this configuration might have caused some damage to my booting system. Can anybody point me in what direction I should start looking for a solution?
    Thanks Cecilia

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    Re: Really strange behavior while booting

    Duplicate thread:

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