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Thread: System beep for gazp9

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    System beep for gazp9

    Hello. If I run the `beep` command. Would a working gazp9 sound the pc speaker? Does it have one? The regular sound works perfectly, but I want the system beep.

    I'm using Ubuntu 13.10 and have the driver's installed.

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    Re: System beep for gazp9

    I'm not sure if the beeper is added to many modern laptops. If it is, it will be a seperate tiny speaker attached to the motherboard. You can check your BIOS settings when you first turn on your laptop and see if there are any settings for this present. You can also try searching for specs based on the make and model number of your laptop, or try contacting the manufacturer's customer service directly and asking them.

    Unless there is a setting in your BIOS (I should say UEFI these days) that has turned the system beep off, if it's there it will work.


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