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Thread: Old Macbook frozen on startup.

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    Old Macbook frozen on startup.

    Hello! I'm really enjoying Ubuntu on my new laptop, so I got my old white Macbook out from under the bed for fun and put 13.10 on it via a USB stick. It installed fine, then on the restart it did/does/will only do this 1498030_10200888761333319_1657285299_o.jpg

    Sorry it's not the best picture, but that's about it. I can't enter the pw, every boot mode takes me to this. Control+alt+f1 doesn't do anything (not even sure if it should). So should I just stick it back under my bed so the cat can be the only one laying eyes on it once again? Or is there some nifty trick? Relative to the forums I'm daft with computers, but I'm working on it at least ^_-

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    Re: Old Macbook frozen on startup.

    Thread moved to Apple Users.
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    Re: Old Macbook frozen on startup.

    did you reformat the whole disk before you installed ubuntu?

    go into gparted on the live usb you made. enter gparted, select your hard disk, and select devices -> create partition table

    then install ubuntu again, and see if it works


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