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Unity 2D was a fallback mode in the original release of 12.04 for use on machines that did not have 3D acceleration. Unity 2D was left out of later versions of Ubuntu and it seems that it is not available in the latest images of 12.04, which is at version 12.04.3. The fallback mode is now a subset of the Nouveau video driver called llvmpipe. This is why the Unity 2D packages are not in the repositories.

By the way, to restore Unity we do not actually need to remove Compiz Configuration Settings Manager (CCSM). Early versions of CCSM allowed us to disable the Unity plugin but doing that broke the desktop. so, the latest version of CCSM do not allow us to disble the Unity plugin.

We can get in a similar mess if we remove ubuntu-desktop without installing a replacement desktop before hand.

OT -
it's usually better to ck. stuff out first
unity-2d is in 12.04.3, ck. the manifest if you don't have an install
users can disable the unity plugin, nothing to prevent that & for certain actions can be useful
ubuntu-desktop is just a meta package & causes no issue if removed except under very limited circumstances & additionally should be (re)installed if one is doing an upgrade to new Ubuntu release