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Thread: lightdm went down during upgrade from 13.10

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    lightdm went down during upgrade from 13.10

    I did a upgrade today using the debian method of changing the sources and running apt-get dist-upgrade
    i started the upgrade and came back to it a little while later and i could not get the desktop back
    i was able to get to a tty (ctrl+alt+f1) i figured xscreensaver was acting up, nope not the issue
    i decided to just stop the lightdm service, not running
    tried to start it, failed
    check pid of apt-get, it was running still, probably asking for user input as i had no way to provide input i killed the process
    i tried to instal updates with apt-get it told the to run dpkg --configure or something i did and got it finished upgrading
    i did not remove my ppas or anything
    once that was done i did a autoremove and rebooted and everything as good

    anyone know if lightdm crashes when upgrading the recommended way, someone should check on that, i have always had god luck with the debian method, even done upgrades over ssh like that without issue

    this system has a phenom II 965 and a GT 430 using the nvidia driver
    Laptop: ASUS A54C-NB91 (Storage: WD3200BEKT + MKNSSDCR60GB-DX); Desktop: Custom Build - Images included; rPi Server
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    Re: lightdm went down during upgrade from 13.10

    I almost always upgrade by changing the source.list then using aptitude safe-upgrade then aptitude dist-upgrade

    If the lightdm stops ........... then I install kdm ........ and run that ..........

    But there have been some issues in the past with lightdm - as regards it accepting input - not sure if that got resolved yet
    there was a thread not so long back on it .......... will look now login - problem

    ........ there is one here also where they have moved the lightdm config files ( need this info for something else setting resolution )

    There is also another thread on synaptic not working here ........

    ok just taken a snapshot and will upgrade ....

    After the upgrade there are a few problems - sound not working and synaptic not working
    if I run synaptic from Unity kde or gnome-shell ( its from a terminal ) ....... other than the sound which has gone. ( dummy output only now )
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