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Thread: Skype too unstable -- alternatives?

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    Skype too unstable -- alternatives?

    I'm running kubuntu 64 bits. I have a couple of friends who use Skype for IM, and I would like to stay in touch with them.

    I found the skype application too unstable. At first it crashed randomly after a couple of minutes of using it. This is discussed in some other threads; one of the proposed solutions is to reinstall skype (?).

    This seems to have worked, but today I found that my notebook battery was being drained. top showed that pulseaudio was using too much CPU. I closed skype and pulseaudio went back to normal.

    So, my question is: Does anyone else have these issues with Skype? Is there any way to use Skype IM without using Skype?

    I tried using having linked my microsoft and skype accounts. All my Skype contacts show as offline. Also, other IM services like seem not to work with Skype anymore.


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    Re: Skype too unstable -- alternatives?

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