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Thread: Is it allowed to use Ubuntu logo in Ubiquity?

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    Question Is it allowed to use Ubuntu logo in Ubiquity?

    I am making linux distro that is Ubuntu based for development learning purpouses, and now, I am at point where i redesign Ubiquity.

    My question title was not maybe clear well, but what I acctualy wanted to ask, is:

    "Can I use Ubuntu logo for one of slides that i will make and place it at beggining of slide that should be, Ubuntu logo, and above that Welcome to my distro, and under logo information that it is Ubuntu based and to place credits that way?"

    I wouldn't like to disturb copyrihgt of Ubuntu thats why I am asking for permission.

    And sorry for posting this thread here, as I do not have idea where it belongs to, so mods please move it where it should be.

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    Re: Is it allowed to use Ubuntu logo in Ubiquity?

    If you are not intending to distribute the distribution, then you may do what you wish. If you are intending to distribute, then have a read of this document, which should tell you all you need to know.

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