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Thread: Customize/personalize/configure/experiment with Ubuntu

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    Re: I am so bored with Ubuntu

    Try Linux From Scratch and let us know if you are still bored

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    Re: Customize/personalize/configure/experiment with Ubuntu

    Thank you everyone for your help. I have tried Arch once before to no avail. I think i may try Gentoo or Slackware. Not sure which one is right for me.
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    Re: Customize/personalize/configure/experiment with Ubuntu

    I use Ubuntu for a productive desktop, I generally use XFCE or KDE. I have Fedora for a testing server and run CentOS and Ubuntu-server for production servers at work. Using Linux, you are really only limited by your desires. I have installed and configured several distros, RedHat back to 7, Mandrake, before it was Mandriva(Connectiva and Mandrake merged), Suse linux. There's so many different distributions to play with, no reason for boredom. Do an internet based install of Gentoo, that'll tie you up for a few days. Whatever you do, have fun!

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