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Thread: From Xubuntu to Ubuntu testing

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    From Xubuntu to Ubuntu testing

    I've been gone on an extended business trip for a couple weeks. I cleaned up and donated my test computer before I left, so, I needed to start over when I got home.

    From this site,

    I downloaded the 12/6 and 12/9 Xubuntu dailies. They loaded onto sticks just fine, but both hung, and wouldn't open. Today, I grabbed the 12/10 release, and it worked fine. Unfortunately it opened in a mid-east (?) language that I didn't understand.

    So, I think I'll back off of Xubuntu 14.04 for a while, and will play with Ubuntu.

    I downloaded the 12/10 daily, and it installed and booted just fine. As has been said by others, Unity is much cleaner, and more professional looking than I remember from the last time I used it.
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