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Thread: Cairo dock problems

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    Unhappy Cairo dock problems

    I cannot install this piece of software in 12.04. Install starts and it says Install Failed, please check internet connection. The details say could not find host or something like that, or like now it just hangs and does nothing.

    Right now I've got 99 problems with Ubuntu and this is one. Why don't devs just provide a download link like Windows programs and Mac OS programs do. I've tried going through Terminal and it fails as well.

    Ubuntu, making a great case for itself with me at the moment :/

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    Re: Cairo dock problems

    If you literally have 99 problems in Ubuntu I think there is something very wrong with your installation. It is quite normal for new users to have as few problems related to a new OS for them to use, but 99 is way above what I would expect.

    Perhaps the figure 99 was just a bit apocryphal and not a true figure, but if you really are having masses of difficulties ask here about them, one per thread, not all together in one, or nobody will be able to keep track of anything and you'll probably get very few answers.

    Tell us exactly how you are installing cairo-dock, or trying to, and detail of the error messages you get, as installing it should not present any difficulty to you; cairo-dock is in the standard repos for 12.04, or if you wish you can try the ppa at for a newer version.
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