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Thread: [13.04]HD7790 Bonaire using vesa instead of radeonsi

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    [13.04]HD7790 Bonaire using vesa instead of radeonsi

    Welcome, i've just registered to forums because i can't find solution to my problem.

    I'm using ubuntu 13.04 with kernel 3.12.4 and my gpu is radeon hd7790 bonaire, to be more specific gigabyte 1GB oc edition. I'm not much acknowledged with open source radeon drivers and... should my gpu use radeon or radeon si driver as open source one? Currently it uses vesa and everything is slow as hell. Animations of window minimizing/maximizing go slow, webbrowsers with enabled hardware acceleration work slow. I expected things to work smooth but it is not. I have 13.04 because on 13.10 i'm getting infinite loop on system boot with ask "what to do? run in safe mode or /other options/?" and when i select safe mode i can't get my desktop to work anyway so i decided to stick with 13.04. Later i might try fglrx but for now i would like to know if there is any option to make open source driver work properly. I've also installed jockey just to see if it can find proprietary drivers for this gpu and it can't detect any which is weird.

    Some people say "my hd7770 works fine, your hd7790 should too" which is not true because there is huge difference between hd7770 and 7790, these are two totally different gpus.

    Concluding: How to force proper open source driver to work with my gpu?

    And as always in first post from non-native english speaker: sorry for my english which might be not so well

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    Re: [13.04]HD7790 Bonaire using vesa instead of radeonsi

    spectatorx; Hi ! Welcome to the forum.

    You use English well.
    As to the graphics driver problem; Are you aware of the utility "Additional Drivers" ? Which will give you the options to install other drivers.
    I do not run a standard desktop, so can not test for the location of "Additional Drivers" .. maybe;
    desktop. Left side of screen is the launcher ->ubuntu Software Center ->Software Sources(edit menu option on top task bar) ->Additional Drivers (tab in Software Sources) [must have 'net connectivity ]//assumes that 3rd party software sources have been enabled// Install the recommended driver.
    Advise of results.

    Else, will take a look at what the system reports for card and installed driver information.

    hope this helps
    THE current(cy) in Documentation:

    Happy ubuntu'n !

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    Re: [13.04]HD7790 Bonaire using vesa instead of radeonsi

    Yes, i am aware of this utility but i still prefer to install manually driver downloaded from and to do so i always follow this nice guide:

    I've installed proprietary driver and all things, except metro last light are working fine.

    But i still wonder.. how to install open source driver properly? And does it properly support bonaire gpus?

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    Re: [13.04]HD7790 Bonaire using vesa instead of radeonsi

    hello spectatorx,

    my experiences are, that the open source driver does _not_ work properly with HD7790 in ubuntu, at this time. There is a bug, which leads to running in 2D mode. The fglrx-drivers you can use, work properly with ubuntu precise (12.04 LTS), but not with saucy (13.10). I had this issue with linux mint 16 cinnamon - and in the end I gave up, neither the radeon (open source) nor the fglrx driver available will work with the HD7790 for now. The beta-drivers seemed to work first, but I got a system which froze from time to time.
    I think we have to wait, till the open-source radeon driver is fixed or AMD/ATI will publish a new catalyst stable fglrx.

    But as said above, choose ubuntu precise (12.04) and everything will run smoothly with the HD7790.



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