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Thread: Installing Bumblebee when I already have 319 drivers

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    Installing Bumblebee when I already have 319 drivers

    I am running Ubuntu 12.04 on a Dell l502x with an Nvidia gt540m video card. On install, the Nvidia driver worked out of the box, but the battery barely lasts an hour. Windows still has great battery performance, so I did some research on power management for video cards and I found Bumblebee. I have a few questions about this. First of all, what is Bumblebee? Is it a driver, or is it some kind of framework that allows a driver to be intalled?

    In my Additional Drivers window, I have a driver enabled that's headed "NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (post-release updates)(version 319-updates)". Can I install Bumblebee over this? Will doing so help my battery situation?

    As a note on what I've already explored- I already installed TLP, and while I've confirmed that it's running, it doesn't seem to be helping much. All of the information I've found on Bumblebee points to the potential that it will improve battery life by disabling some graphics resources when they aren't in use. This solution would hopefully also fix the problem of my laptop running way too hot.

    Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Installing Bumblebee when I already have 319 drivers

    Did you read the bumblebee wiki?
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    Re: Installing Bumblebee when I already have 319 drivers

    Yes, I did, but it doesn't answer the question of whether I can install bumblebee now that my 319 drivers are already installed. What I'm wondering is if there is some protocol for removing the 319 driver fully before proceeding with installing bumblebee.

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