ok guys someone please help me out, im no so new to ubuntu now do i know every thing about it,
i switched from windows after a series of bad updates corrupted the OS
so heres my issue, i reciently reinstalled ubuntu 12.04 LTS but am having problems
and i havn't encountered any thing like this yet, ive been using the radeon HD 3xxx series cards for
a couple years now and never had any problems however! (problem~~~~>)now that im running the
3870X2 i can't get the drivers or catalyst to install, the ubuntu sees the card for what it is but as soon
as i try to use the catalyst PPA or the recomended install method it says theres drivers for the card
but as soon as that appears it tells me no drivers can be found for this card . has any one delt with this
im super tired of banging my head on a wall tryen to figure this out. has any one delt with anything like this?

system specs(soon to upgrade)
ubuntu 12.04 LTS
320 Gb sata hdd
350 Gb sata hdd
asus m4a78- plus (great montherboard)
single core amd 2.3 gig proc ( gonna upgrad to phenom II x6 soon)
2 gigs of ram 667 mhz ( gonna add 4 more gigs)
Ati RadeonHD 3870 X2 ( my problem)