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    Angry Newbie Troubles

    I installed Ubuntu and have been loving it.It's a great OS but I've had a few problems.(Ubuntu 12.04 32Bit)

    1.Installing programs downloaded from Firefox
    I don't know how to install downloaded programs.
    For Example:I download WinRAR and It's in my downloads
    but the archive manager doesn't do anything.
    2.Ubuntu Software Center install
    Every time I try to install an app from the USC,
    I will flash the download bar but then it will disappear and
    go back to saying "Install."

    3.Synaptic Package Manager
    I click it from the "Dash Home" and nothing happens.
    I've been trying to uninstall some programs but I can't
    due to this problem.When I try to uninstall programs
    from the USC,nothing happens.

    Other then those problems,I've had a great time on Ubuntu.
    Great Features,interface,and just looks clean.
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