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Thread: changing the login manager

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    changing the login manager

    I installed Kubuntu 13.10 and I did not like the login manager because kdm did not have a default login user by default. Now I know it probably can be configured but I ventured forward with my instinct. I used the google search engine for login managers and found one called "slim".

    I installed it with
    >sudo apt-get install slim
    It asks for what default login manager I wanted to use so I chose slim.
    I rebooted it and up came the new login manager but I had to type in my user name in the input field so I had to look in the docs

    I found out the configuration file is not under /usr. It is under /etc/slim.conf
    so I used my favorite text editor and typed this in
    >sudo kate /etc/slim.conf

    I edited the config file like this example by taking out the hash or pound symbol ('#')
    # default user, leave blank or remove this line
    # for avoid pre-loading the username.
    default_user babsbunny

    I then rebooted and it filled out the input user name field so all I have to do is enter the user password.

    If you do this and want to revert back to kdm just reinstall it.
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    Re: changing the login manager

    Kubuntu uses lightdm by default. Also you don't need to reinstall a display (i.e. login) manager to revert to it, assuming you didn't uninstall it; you can run
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm


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