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Thread: Usuable Desktop

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    Re: Usuable Desktop

    Quote Originally Posted by brian.farr View Post
    Having not heard of "guest additions" is meaningless to me, please can you expand.
    Which means you haven't installed guest additions. A VirtualBox guest OS is about the most irritating and user hostile thing to use unless you install guest additions. You install guest additions in the guest OS - that is, in Ubuntu.

    The instructions for installing guest additions are in the user manual. The pdf for the manual will be somewhere in your Mac filesystem but it's been so long since I installed VB on a Mac, I can't remember where. If you double-click on the downloaded dmg installer, the pdf might be viewable from the Finder window that opens. Failing that, you can download and/or view the manual here:

    Under the heading User Manual, the left link is for the pdf.
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    Re: Usuable Desktop

    On the Windows version of VirtualBox, there is an 'Install Guest Additions...' item in the 'Devices' menu of the main application window, I don't know if it's the same on the Mac. The actual additions seem to be bundled as an iso virtual CD within the guest (although they may be out of date)

    The one annoyance I've faced with that is that most modern *buntu desktops automount the virtual CD so that when you try 'Install Guest Additions' it fails because the CD is already mounted. I can't honestly remember how I fixed it last time - it usually involves resorting to the command line and a lot of cursing. In my experience, clicking yes to the 'force unmount' dialog has never worked.

    Once you've got ONE version of guest additions installed, it will likely tell you a newer version is available next time you restart VirtualBox - fortunately the update process seems to go much smoother than the install process.

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