Hi everyone.
Let me begin by saying that I am a Linux NOOB.

I am having a problem with removing virus' from a windows partition with Avast in Ubuntu 12.04.
I am trying to remove the Antivirus Security Pro Virus + a few more.

Heres what I did:

I burned a Ubuntu Live CD-R successfully,
I booted the computer in question sucessfully, with internet access.
I installed Avast, entered the key and changed the size of the kernel,shmmax to 128000000 in the terminal and updated the definitions.
I ran Avast on the windows partition and it found quite a few virus'. For the first few I clicked the move to chest button, then i chose the move all button so i dident have to watch it.
The settings I used were a thorough scan and scan compressed files.

After the scan finished I got a log file that listed what it found (many virus'). It said all of the virus' it found were moved to the chest, but when i rebooted, the virus' were still there.

I was wondering why the virus' were still there even though the log file said they were moved to the chest, and where is the chest anyway?
Is it possible that since the Live "CD" doesent have a persistance file that the chest doesent really exist?
The scan took about 3 hours to complete and total files scaned was about 800,000.

Could someone please tell me what I did wrong, so i can save face with my friend.

Any help will be appreciated!