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Thread: lubuntu (flash boot) asks for password after hibernation

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    lubuntu (flash boot) asks for password after hibernation


    I'm using lubuntu 13.04 from an SD card.

    Occasionally after the netbook has gone into hibernation or sleep mode, on restart it asks for a password. Since I haven't installed it fully (the HD is dead and awaiting replacement) I haven't set a password. Trying to enter no password doesn't work. Is there a default password? My only solution at present is to shutdown and restart which is not ideal.

    Many thanks

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    Re: lubuntu (flash boot) asks for password after hibernation

    If I understand you properly, you are running a LiveUSB? I've never run such a session long enough for it to go into suspend or hibernation mode. Perhaps if you go into power management and turn off all of screen blanking, suspend, and hibernation, this will prevent your session from going into any of these modes in the first place. Of course, you will have to repeat the same adjustments after every reboot.


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