I recently installed Ubuntu 12.10 LTS on a Dedicated HD, so that I could Test and upgrade my Joomla 1.7 Website for the "ratsoftobrukvictoria.org.au". System is Win 7 64bit. I then installed LAMP as a one click operation. I have returned to Ubuntu after about two weeks recovering from a Hack and Deface of my Joomla Site.
I have copied and pasted many command lines into the Terminal, some with sudo and some without, none of which work and I receive this Message: "Sorry there is nothing that matches your search".

Can anyone tell me what this is all about and what can I do about.

I am completely new at Linux.

If someone can provide me with a step by step instruction on how to set up and import my Joomla 1.7 into this Server, as an 80 year old Learner, I would appreciate it very much.

Thank You.