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Thread: How-to remove zram from lubuntu

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    How-to remove zram from lubuntu

    Before removing zram, read this. There doesn't seem to be much downside to leaving zram on. For some situations, zram will reduce the amount of memory available for caching, i think this is rare. So unless you have a server that needs lots of caching for disk access, while at the same time you have a large memory hogging applications that you don't care if they swap. That is the prime case for turning off zram

    how to remove zram:
    1. as root type:
    apt-get remove --purge zram-config
    should be ok to remove lubuntu-desktop as I believe it's only a metapackage

    another way to remove zram is:

    consider turning on zswap. it's also in lubuntu 13.10 you just need to edit your grub config and reboot
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