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Thread: Dual boot with Win 7

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    Re: Dual boot with Win 7

    Installation finished. I think I can officially say #rekt.

    Huge thanks to everyone who helped me through this. I learned A LOT

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    Re: Dual boot with Win 7

    The fixparts site has several versions. You need to download the .deb version which is for Debian based which Ubuntu is based on. Then it is somewhat like an exe in that you just have to double click on it and it will install.
    But it is a command line tool and you have to then in terminal run the commands. I think the site shows it without sudo as he uses a different version of Linux where you change to administrator and then just run commands. You will need sudo in front of the example commands on the fixparts site.

    I still forget which commands need sudo, so when you get a error that you do not have permission or rights try again with sudo in front as that is the way Ubuntu gives temporary superuser rights to the administrative user.
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