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Thread: ddrescue returns "RAW" disk

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    Question ddrescue returns "RAW" disk

    Hello and sorry for my bad english ..

    Here's the first time I have to use ddrescue because of a windows NTFS failing drive with 4 partitions, having much errors ..
    I am using this syntax to copy data : ddrescue -d -f -n /dev/sda /dev/sdd /dd.log

    having :
    sda=wd 500go sectorsize=512 bytes (old damaged drive)
    sdd=wd 500go sectorsize=4kb ( new drive, see the sectorsize difference )

    Process isn't over yet .. taking almost two days on the errors sectors ( +2497 ), less than 2gigs remaining to copy

    I interrupted the process one time ..
    Fdisk does see the partions of sdb, but partition magic or windows aren't able to see them ( see the disk as unformated, raw disk )
    and sdd4 is not seen in /dev directory
    Testdisk says : number of bytes per sector mismatches 512 (ntfs) != 4096 (HD)

    So here are my questions :
    - Is the sector size difference a huge problem in this copy ? How can I correct this ?
    - Is there any way to mount those partitions without having to continue the process ?
    - Do I have to complete the ddrescue process ?
    - Why do fdisk see partitions and not gparted?
    - Is there any similar program which can complete this, escaping error sectors, just copying files according to the MBR ?

    Here is what testdisk sees of sda :
    Here is what testdisk sees of sdd : ( note multiple records .. )
    Here is what he purpose to do on sdd : ( I have to delete two partitions in order it to be okay, and I'm not okay with that, due to the time it took to copy data via ddrescue )

    I later connected the backup drive sdd to another external case, and guess what, the drive & partition fully worked

    Thanks in advance,
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