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Thread: How to install mouse cursor for Ubuntu 12.10

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    How to install mouse cursor for Ubuntu 12.10

    Hi guys im learning as i am going because in new to Ubuntu and linux. I would like to know where I can download mouse cursors. I would like to know how to install them in the version of Ubuntu 12.10. Thank you =)

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    Re: How to install mouse cursor for Ubuntu 12.10

    You can find Cursor themes at:
    There may be more, use google.

    To install them you have to put the cursor_theme-folder in /usr/share/icons (you should be root to be able to copy files to /usr/share/icons): To open nautilus as root-
    gksudo nautilus
    Then run:
    sudo update-alternatives --config x-cursor-theme
    ... find your theme in the listed themes, note its number and enter.

    Restart computer if needed.

    If you see old cursor theme on some apps and new on some then;
    Open 'dconf Editor' and navigate to org->gnome->desktop->interface - and look for 'cursor-theme'... and change it to 'your cursor theme'.

    You can also change the 'cursor-size' likewise in dconf.
    If you see that applications show different 'cursor-size' then Create a hidden file in your Home Folder and name it .Xresources ($ gedit ~/.Xresources) and put "Xcursor.size: 48" (without quotes) in the file and save it.

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    Re: How to install mouse cursor for Ubuntu 12.10

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    Re: How to install mouse cursor for Ubuntu 12.10

    To change between existing cursor themes you need to...change the dconf setting and the alternatives setting as fantab stated.
    New themes need to be added to alternatives first.

    The new theme will not show up when you run sudo update-alternatives --config x-cursor-theme
    You need to add it to alternatives first.

    These are the steps for a downloaded theme.
    1. Extract from archive.
    2. Check for a cursor.theme file
    3. Move theme to /usr/share/icons
    4. Add to alternatives
    5. Select with alternatives
    6. Select in dconf

    For a gui to manage alternatives, install galternatives.....
    sudo apt-get install galternatives
    A downloaded theme archive must be extracted to reveal the theme folder.

    In this folder there must be cursor.theme file.
    Create one using gedit, if necessary.
    For an example , look at /usr/share/icons/DMZ-White/cursor.theme.
    [Icon Theme]
    Inherits=<insert your cursor name>
    Move theme folder to /usr/share/icons as described earlier by fantab

    Add theme to alternatives using galternatives
    Run galternatives and select x-cursor-theme in the left panel.
    Click on the add button >browse
    Then use the top drop down to navigate to /usr/share/icons . Start with "/" then in the left column progressively choose(double click) usr/ > share/ > icons/
    Select your theme in the left column and then select cursor.theme in right column and hit the ok button.

    Select your theme in galternatives and close.

    Now you just need to select your new theme using a tweak tool like unity-tweak-tool, gnome-tweak-tool or ubuntu-tweak.
    The tweak tools change the dconf setting shown earlier by fantab.

    After changing a cursor theme you need to log out/in for it to be consistent.
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