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Thread: Internet stopped working ubuntu 13.04

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    Internet stopped working ubuntu 13.04

    I'm running Ubuntu 13.04 on a Dell Latitude d430. Have had no problems connecting to internet until this morning, now it says it is connected but I am unable to load any pages in either Chromium or Firefox. I am using a wireless connection. I know the internet connection itself is working as other people are able to connect fine. Please help!
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    Re: Internet stopped working ubuntu 13.04

    Please temporarily hook up the ethernet temporarily and open a terminal and do:

    sudo apt-get install linux-firmware-nonfree
    sudo modprobe -r b43
    sudo modprobe b43
    Detach the is it running?

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    Re: Internet stopped working ubuntu 13.04

    It isn't able to connect even with the Ethernet cable. It installed the packages 'alien librepmbuild3 librepmsign1 libsigsegv2 lsb-core m4 ncurses-term pax rpm' and then asked to install the NEW package linux-firmware-nonfree. It then says 'something wicked happened resolving '' I'm on my phone so can't copy and paste everything it says in the terminal but can find another computer if that will help.


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