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Thread: HDMI Audio on Nvidia 319.60 prop driver. [13.10]

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    HDMI Audio on Nvidia 319.60 prop driver. [13.10]

    Heya everyone,

    I'm sure thie question is asked 70,000 times a day. But I'm sick of booting back and forth between operating systems anytime I want to watch anything...

    HDMI Audio in my Nvidia GTX580 is a no go. Has been since 12.10. Using Prop Driver 319.60.

    I'm a total noob, but I did manage to look in the alsamixer, and it reported back that it sees my HDMI channels...but won't do anything with them.

    I've been looking for a solution for this since 12.10, and have yet to find anything. It'd finally irked me enough that I'd ask for help...

    I've attached a screen shot of my alsamixer.

    Everything I've seen for the past few years has been: "hm. It's broke."

    So, I'll post back with any outputs/sysinfo needed. This is driving me up the wall.

    Screenshot from 2014-04-14 20:50:442.jpg

    Please and thanks.
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    Re: HDMI Audio on Nvidia 319.60 prop driver. [13.10]

    download grub2customizer, under general settings change "quiet splash" to "quiet splash nvidia=audio1"or "quiet splash radeon=audio1" for some reason HDMI audio is disabled by default and must be activated via the kernal,using pavucontrol select Digital Stereo(HDMI)Output
    good luck
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