To the point, is there a default admin password created during a UNetBootin installation?

REALLY new to the whole Linux bash so please try not to drown me in links or terminal code...I don't yet understand most of what the other threads are saying and I just get lost in the links.

Anyway, simple problem is that I have Ubuntu-Studio 13.10 on a flashdrive (using UNetBootin). During the installation I never entered an admin password and assumed that when I first booted up it would ask me for one. It didn't and I went about using it for about half an hour before thinking I wanted to password protect it (and if possible encrypt, though I'll wait till I'm a little more experienmced before I attempt that), so I went to system:-users and groups:- in the menu system (top left 'start' menu style, I'm not good enough for the terminal yet) and tried to create one. It tells me one already exiists and I need it to change to a new one. I tried making a new account as I have full admin access on the default log on and that was a sucess. Then however when I tried mounting the storage on the machine I booted with it and asked me for an admin password. Like I say I've not created one. Also I didn't have access to delete the default Ubuntu-Studio log on.

I realise it's more secure to do a proper installation onto a partitioned flashdrive and that is something I'd look into in the future, but to be honest right now I just want to have admin rights on the version I've already got.

I've perused the other threads and come across some problems which I thought might have answers but they didn't help. I've tried the admin password from the original Mint installation which I used to run UNetBootin, but that didn't work either.

No googling seems to yeild results so I hope I'm not just being thick and wording the question wrong!

[Using UNetBootin with the disk image file on a Linux Mint installation on a different machine, onto a tiny 8GB flashdrive, booted on a different machine then running UNetBootin again to install onto the 32GB drive. Appreciate this might not be relavent, but just in case!]

Hope you can help, or I might have to just risk losing the drive and being scammed!