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Thread: Acer 5100 series laptop

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    Acer 5100 series laptop

    Have just been given an old Acer 5100 series laptop which is running Windows 7. I would like to install Ubuntu Server on this machine and get rid of Windows altogether. The machine has only 1GB of memory + 111GB hard drive and it is really slow. The machine gets really hot when booted up. Could this be caused by an inadequate amount of memory causing the machine to work harder? If so i wouldn't mind putting in extra memory say two or 3GB. Would really appreciate any help and advice. Thanks!
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    Re: Acer 5100 series laptop

    Quote Originally Posted by ML7rcEx View Post
    The machine gets really hot when booted up.
    In Windows? That could be due to physical problems like dust accumulation in the fan and heat-sink. If it's possible to disassemble and clean the unit it often makes a big difference.

    A Ubuntu server running idle is a very light load and should not make a system overheat.
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