I've just done the sound for a charity gig, with the current 64-bit 13.10 build, using Ardour to manage/record/mix the live audio from an Akai EIE i/O (the USB 1.1, 44.1kHZ/16-bit red one). I'm fairly happy with how the sound went, would - ideally - like a 'proper' realtime kernel to kill the half-dozen xruns I had through ~3 hours of recording, but am currently more-concerned with the post-production work on the media I've snagged.

I don't expect any problems on the audio side, but I've a bunch of independently-filmed video clips of the gig. Those - obviously - have pretty dreadful audio from built-in microphones. I'm interested in what tools, the techniques, and - hopefully - a few tips on how other Ubuntu Studio users deal with marrying those up. I've no guarantee there's video for all the recorded audio, and I'd obviously like to concentrate my audio mixing efforts on where there is video.

Documentation? I'll read that when it's how-to wire stuff up, but it never tells you what machine you're actually building. Some insight into what other folks have learned the hard way is effectively what I'd really appreciate.

Anyone else who, like me, mics up everything, please note I enjoy laughing at amplifier-expressed sexual-inadequacy too. But, the only reason I keep having to say: "Eh? What?" to the guy using a 500 watt Marshall trouser-shaker head, is because I'm wearing earplugs.

For the curious, the mics in use were: 2x Beyer dynamic 201 N(C), 1x SM58, and 1xSuperlux R102 phantom-powered ribbon. After a 'turn it down!' moment when an amplifier was placed on stage, the SM58 was used to mic it up. On the back-end, using a Dell quad-core i5 laptop and running the live playback out of the line out from that into what the pub referred to as their 'vocal PA'. As a FYI, I'm really happy with the Akai EIE I/O box, and will be stepping up to the Pro version in the near-future. Unless, that is, someone can suggest an eight-channel 'step-up' that isn't an order of magnitude step-up in price.