How to install Citrix client on myUbuntu 13.10 (64 bit) Desktop OS


I have to access my corporate desktopfrom Ubuntu Desktop by using Citrix XenApp Online.

Here are the steps i have followed:
1. Lauched citrix xen desktop throughbrowser by providing global access URL. (Say :
2. Before Getting XenApp Login screenin Browser, i got instruction for Citrix Client plug to be installed.
3. I have clicked on Install button anddownloaded file “linuxx86-11.100.158406” and extracted the same.

Query: I would like to how to installthis file in my Ubuntu OS
I tried with “sudo apt” but itdidn't work for me.

In other case in Step3 from abovescencario if i skip installation of Plug In i could able to see loginscreen, Where i can enter my corporate credentails to communicate myCorporate Desktop.

1. Once i enter credentails throughXenApp, i got my “clould desktop”
2. I have clicked on Clould Desktop.
3. It gets downloaded ica file i.e“launch.ica”

Query: how to install/access'Lauch.ica” so that i can able to see my desktop.

Thanks in Advance: