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Thread: My Hard Drive is "not mine"

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    My Hard Drive is "not mine"

    I've recent added some old hard drives to my pc and one drive has some files left on it and I am not able to move them to the trash or format the drive. I went to the porperties of the drive and it said the onwer is root, how do I get root access to the hard drive?
    Thanks for the help!

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    Re: My Hard Drive is "not mine"

    Why move the files?
    Why not copy them?
    Then if the permissions stay root-owned change them when the are in your user folder.

    If you plan on reusing the drive, then after copying the files reformat it.
    Make sure to unmount the drive when reformatting.
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    Re: My Hard Drive is "not mine"

    Have yo format it via the Disk-Utility?
    Or you can format it via gParted (Partition Manager. You have to install it)

    For changing the permissions you can open Nautilus with root.
    Type in terminal:

    gksudo nautilus
    In that window you can rightclick on the disk and choose for the properties and change there the right.
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    Re: My Hard Drive is "not mine"

    Thank you for the help! The drive has been reformatted and I can once again use it normally!

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