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Thread: Confounding SuperMicro Server Hardware

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    Confounding SuperMicro Server Hardware

    Since you all are the smartest group of folks I know, here we go:

    I have a SuperMicro SuperServer 7045B-8R+ with a bad SAS743tq backplane. I removed the faulty backplane and connected the drives directly to the SATA on the MB and power direct from the PS. (normally, you plug power and SATA into the backplane and then plug the drives into that.) The disk controller and the fakeRAID chip are on the mobo. The backplane controls the pretty blinking lights next to each of the drive bays and has a buzzer for when things go awry. The backplane also allows for hot-swapability.

    The box runs software RAID 6 via mdadm so I get failure/integrity warnings anyway - mdadm even tells me which drive(s) are going south. The pretty blinking lights are rarely seen as the box spends much of it's lonely existence in a dark, well ventilated closet. Actually, there are some Cisco managed switches, a router, a WAP, and an AirVision NVR in there too, so it's probably not that lonely. Don't really need hot-swap drives as the box is mostly a file and vpn server.

    SuperMicro doesn't offer much technical info for us laymen (I'm not a SM distributor), so I am trying to determine if I am missing anything here that may preclude the lack of backplate
    . Your valuable opinions are truly appreciated.

    Bottom line: can I have a robust system without the backplate?

    Running Ubuntu Server 12.04.3 LTS - jsyk
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    Jerry Gartner
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    Re: Confounding SuperMicro Server Hardware

    You have asked a support question on a poll in a non-support area. I would advise that you edit the first post and ask your support question in Server Platforms rather than here. Polls are polls, not support threads, and The Cafe is NOT a support area. Thanks.
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