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Thread: New forum rules

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    New forum rules

    What has happened to the logon procedure ? I've been a Ubuntu user for many many years and now see that I have joined in November of 2013 ! Also - cannot change my profile. I was way for a bit, doing other things, then returned to find this. How strange.

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    Re: New forum rules

    Moved to Resolution Centre.
    We had a security breach. Part of the rebuilding process was to use UbuntuOne as a Single Sign On (SSO). This sticky has more details. We can probably re-connect you with your old account - forget about your old password - they were all randomized with the forum rebuild.

    However, to link with that old account, your SSO preferred email account must match the one you had with your original forum account. (If it is no longer available, we have a few other options). Once the email addresses match, we (admins) will disassociate this account with your SSO account, then the next time you log in, you should reconnect with the old account.
    By the way, what was the name of the old account?
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    Re: New forum rules

    I believe it was the same as current, if not is STANS. Thaks for getting back btw...

    I'm sort of a distro hopper as well as a 'mainframer' so am a bit overwhelmed with so many 'toys' to play with - not to mention the android that I bought earlier this year so haven't spent much time in any one place... and since things were working in my Ubuntu corner had no need to visit the forum for quite some time so must have missed all the excitement of the security breach. Sure wish people would find something useful to do with their skill and time other than to trash things.

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    Re: New forum rules

    You need to set to use the gmail address you had with that account and as preferred.

    I've disassociated this account, once you've changed SSO log in here and you should be in the stans account


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