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Thread: Kindly requesting HTML user editable version of Ubuntu Manual

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    Cool Kindly requesting HTML user editable version of Ubuntu Manual

    Kindly requesting HTML user editable version of Ubuntu Manual

    PDF version is much appreciated but I use to make personal clarification notes or write open questions and issues ... in fact it would be great to have this manual organized Wikipedia style where a Talk Page does exist ... at the moment I am not qualified to be and Author, Editor, even less so a Programmer ... yet I have SUGGESTIONS to make and this category does not exist ...

    Saving PDF as HTML, despite having tried many software, best is still with Adobe PDF Writer ... HOWEVER the result is MORE THEN POOR, this is why requesting an HTML version to begin with ...

    I also hope I will get notified in my email if and when this present question will be answered in any way ...

    Thank you very much for the great and wonderful work you do with Ubuntu and Linux in general ...

    Still a big open issue exists when the manual gets updated and my version becomes old, with all my notes inside ...
    I would love to be able to use my user account and make my notes online on your server ... this way when you update the manual, my notes get "moved" automatically into the new version ...
    In addition this could be a great way so I can share with you my notes and observations, so that what is good in them gets incorporated in the official version for everyone to see ...

    EVERY new beginner is an OPPORTUNITY to check whether the current manual REALLY answers the questions it should ... once one is no longer a beginner, AT ANY LEVEL or TOPIC, he goes with ease after places with missing or wrong information ... however the next beginner will face the real problems but, like myself, due to lack of knowledge, is UNABLE to pinpoint or ask for help, improve the manual or Linux itself features, etc ... until the new user either
    1. gives up, forgets about Ubuntu and goes back to more familiar Windows OR
    2. the new user overcomes somehow his difficulties, perhaps with the help of a friend and, once so, he no longer recalls what was a problem for him, and the Ubuntu Manual remains lacking and limited ... etc ...

    The suggested may make use of ..., a Component Content Management System (CCMS) XML also specific for Alfresco, where "Component" stands for phrases, words, even letters getting an ID, as well as obviously pictures ...
    This has to do with ...
    DITA - Darwin Information Typing Architecture, see Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Thank you very much
    - for considering my posting which raises many issues which are not minor and take considerable resources to resolve towards the suggested end ...
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    Re: Kindly requesting HTML user editable version of Ubuntu Manual

    Ubuntu Manual .org is not connected to Ubuntu Forums .org though some members like myself provide links to the document . See the link if you would like to get involved.
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    Re: Kindly requesting HTML user editable version of Ubuntu Manual

    The only thing I can suggest, seeing as you want an editable html document, is to look at and figure out if it fits the bill for you.

    I have shown the version for Precise (12.04) but by changing the final word of the webaddress you can go to the page for whatever ubuntu version you want, and then in your browser, save as a complete webpage.
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    Re: Kindly requesting HTML user editable version of Ubuntu Manual

    You can convert it to HTML if you wish, the book is written in XeLatex
    The sources are at - all you need to do now is to compile it as html instead of pdf
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