Avaneya is a cerebral science fiction game set on Mars currently under active development (GPLv3). It combines the perfect blend of the metropolis city builder social simulation, real time strategy, and cooperative multiplayer. It explores mature themes in social justice, politics, ecology, economics, and more. VLR_boxes_medium.png
We are pleased to announce the successful digital recovery of the first images ever returned from the surface of Mars. Our studio recovered a substantial amount of NASA's previously inaccessible Viking mission data. The historic billion–dollar mission was the most ambitious in history. Launched in 1975, it was the first to successfully reach and photograph the surface.
This ground breaking software (GPLv3), originally intended as an internal research tool, is now available on DVD for only $15. We ship worldwide.
Your support is essential to help make libre gaming for GNU and Ubuntu a reality. We need additional full time staff, including professional creative and technical directors, musicians, artists, and engineers to supplement the tens of thousands of hours already invested.

We will have a lot more to showcase with you over the coming weeks, including already complete beautiful concept artwork.