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Thread: installing ubuntu 10.04.4 server amd 64?

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    installing ubuntu 10.04.4 server amd 64?

    its been a while since i messed with ubuntu and forget what i learned..can someone help me make a bootable cd..i want to make sure ill be able to install the ubuntu os before i dump windows 8 from this machine..i downloaded a torrent file of the os mentioned in the title and tried burning those files to disc, then tried booting from the i said , i forget everything..i can t accomplish this goal..can someone please walk me through this? the server OS may not be what i want but ive reached a point where ill take just about anything, other than windows 8..thanks

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    Re: installing ubuntu 10.04.4 server amd 64?

    10.04 server is a command-line-only version. No desktop. It's also over five years old and past end-of-life. No more security updates.

    Consider 12.04 desktop instead. Free. Good for three more years.
    Very good instructions on copying the .iso onto a bootable USB stick are on that page, too.

    If you really want to burn to a disc, you will generally need a DVD - most desktop .iso images are over 700MB.

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    Re: installing ubuntu 10.04.4 server amd 64?

    use imgburn. google it. it's free and light weight. burn the iso to disk with it. boot from cd. follow prompts.

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    Re: installing ubuntu 10.04.4 server amd 64?

    If your computer comes with Windows 8 then it has UEFI and not BIOS. Though support is shorter you might face less trouble if you go for 13.10.
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