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Thread: Lubuntu's opportunity

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    Lubuntu's opportunity


    I just gave a try to Lubuntu 13.10 on my aging desktop computer and I found it to be a very nice OS. You still enjoy the support of the Ubuntu community and all the software I was using on Ubuntu can be brought to Lubuntu as well. Very cool. My computer which is still working fine, has finally some breath and is not ''choked'' anymore.

    I had this thought: Lubuntu is releasing it's very first LTS version in April 2014, the exact same time that Windows will stop to support Windows XP. All these users (and there are still many around the world) using XP will be abandonned. But it is not unfair to say that a lot of people do not know about Linux and how to install an OS however. That is a great opportunity for Lubuntu to draw these users.

    There a lot of older computer still in fonction and some people, especially in countries in developpment cannot afford to upgrade. Of course XP can still be used even if unsupported but that may not be the safest thing to do.

    Lubuntu, in April 2014, will have a potential customer base waiting for a sign.
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    Re: Lubuntu's opportunity

    I'm sure most people who are involved in Lubuntu and most other Linux distros are well aware of the XP EOL. It's been discussed all over.

    Honestly I don't see that very many Windows XP users will suddenly go looking for a new OS. They'll go looking for a new computer, a tablet, or just keep using XP until the PC dies. Sorry to be a pessimist, but that's based on my experience with past Windows EOL's. Linux was great when Windows 98 ended too.

    If anything the "opportunity" is not for Lubuntu to get users; it's for Windows XP users to run a leaner, faster, more secure OS for free. And they don't even have to wait until April.

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    Re: Lubuntu's opportunity

    The original poster may be interested in this link


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