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Thread: Government sneaking SOPA internet Censorship bill into treaty. Stop the TPP

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    Government sneaking SOPA internet Censorship bill into treaty. Stop the TPP

    Recently Wikileaks released the details of a dangerous treaty that will stifle innovation and destroy the internet and it is all being done in secret and President Obama sadly whether your a Democrat, Republican, Tea Party or independent all agree sadly that President Obama is pushing draconian legislation into a treaty that CONTAINS SOPA internet censorship and will destroy the World Wide Web as we know it. If that isn't bad enough this Treaty done with 12 Countries mostly dictator owned Asian Countries will end Generic drugs, have American food no longer be allowed to be labeled MADE IN THE USA, put patents on operating procedures in hospitals which means some people will no longer be able to get life saving procedures to save there lives because of dangerous patent protections of surgical procedures that I don't believe we have ever had in this country and this is all being done in Secret and Wikileaks has revealed the dangers of this Treaty: IT IS CALLED THE TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP:

    Please read these links to learn more about the TPP and how it will effect American Sovereignty and the internet as a whole.

    This article is from the Electronic Frontier Foundation a non profit group fighting to keep the internet FREE FROM GOVERNMENT CONTROL around the world:

    Here is a 1:16 minute Youtube video from RT News in regards to the Trans Pacific Partnership:

    You can google a million stories on how bad this trade deal will be not just for free and open internet users but for seniors who depend on Generic Drugs and for people who want are food to know there food was MADE IN THE USA, to environmentalist who would be arrested for protesting dangerous chemicals be thrown into are environments.

    Look here is the deal we will all be affected one way or the other if the Trans Pacific Partnership becomes a reality, right now my concern is the Free and Open internet but there are many reasons to be concerned about the Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty.

    Sadly Republicans who claim to be against President Obama and Tea Party Conservatives NOT ALL LIKE KENTUCKY TEA PARTY SENATOR RAND PAUL but Tea Party Senators like Utah's Orrin Hatch and Establishment Republicans like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell favor this very bad Treaty.

    Please we need to keep the internet free.

    Please first Contact these Republicans from the Ways and Means Committee, they are trying to get a bill known as Fast Track. If Fast Track makes it through the Congress and Senate then the Republicans cannot at all see or amend the Secret Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty. Right now this WAYS AND MEANS COMMITTEE is trying to get a bill introduced in both chambers of Government to get the Fast Track treaty started. Please click on the names that are on the link below and call, fax, or right these Senators and Congresspeople and tell them NO TO FAST TRACKING THE TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP TREATY:

    Please as well if you Senate or Members of Congress are not listed or in the WAYS AND MEANS COMMITTEE please call Congress at 2022243121 and tell them HELL NO TO FAST TRACK AND NO TO THE TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP PERIOD, let friends and family know to call as well to stop this dangerous treaty.

    Please as well sign these 2 petitions below a NEW PETITION EMERGING FROM INTERNET ADVOCACY GROUP FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE AND THE ELECTRONIC FRONTIER FOUNDATION both non profit groups fighting keep the internet open and free and away from the hands of Government:

    The first one is a new petition from the internet advocacy group FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE and it came just minutes after wikileaks leaked the dangers of the TPP. Please read and sign this petition:

    Please as well sign this petition from the Electronic Frontier Foundation: VIDEO'S ARE INCLUDED:

    Please everyone Facebook and Twitter these petitions online. We have to stop this very scary treaty. Make that phone call to Congress today. Remember this is a Treaty so once in goes through we cannot ever bring it back to correct it and after this treaty goes through, THE FREE AND OPEN INTERNET IS DEAD.


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    Re: Government sneaking SOPA internet Censorship bill into treaty. Stop the TPP


    This is too political and in the wrong place.

    Post here AFTER reading the forum description and making changes to how you post to take into account

    Discussion of the politics of open source is permissible, but only the politics of open source.
    That doesn't I'm afraid include pointing people to your government departments, senators or congress.

    Surprisingly for some there are other countries in the world.


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