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Thread: Smart phone instant messaging: on Ubuntu

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    Smart phone instant messaging: on Ubuntu

    Hi there,

    I've only recently started using a smart phone, running Android.

    I'm amazed to see the numerous chat applications: Facebook Messenger, Hangout, Whatsapp, Tango, Naver Line, Skype and what not.

    First of all I find the concept of having a specific app for each network completely ridiculous. Why not have a backend network and a frontend app that delivers the messages? I find myself switching apps constantly because friend A is on Facebook, but friend B on Hangout and friend C on Line.

    But that's not really what I come here for (although it may be related).

    I'm wondering why most of those chatting network do not have a desktop equivalent. With Facebook Messenger and Hangout or Skype, since they were originally made for desktops, I can easily switch to my laptop and type fast and easily. For other apps, I am bound to struggle typing on the tiny phone touch-keyboard with a mad autocorrect that makes me write the weirdest and sometimes embarrassing sentences.

    I've seen there is a desktop equivalent for Naver Line, of course, for Windows and Apple only. To install this application, I need to install the app on Wine. And here is the relation with the first point: why the heck do I need to install a new application rather than add "Line" account to Pidgin or other messenger application?

    I've read somewhere that some applications such as Whatsapp cannot run on desktop, because they use phones as IDs. I find the argument quite shallow because I can easily imagine an application where you log in with a phone number, get an SMS confirmation code and type in the confirmation code when you register on desktop.

    So what's going on in the messenger applications development world, how many more messenger applications will I have to run simultaneously on my phone or desktop to communicate with people? Why is there no linux messenger application that will put all of these messenger alternatives in one single app on my desktop as well as on my phone?

    Please explain to me if you have any insights.


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    Re: Smart phone instant messaging: on Ubuntu

    I'm assuming you mean like iMessage, I can use it on my iPhone and iPad to message friends then hop onto my Macbook and message mates from there too?

    I would love to see a iMessage-like app for Linux/Ubuntu but its not just the app its the server side aspect and getting everyone to use it too. With facebook buying whatsapp I suspect they have something in-line for it!


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