It seems that I'm the first person to have this problem. After 3 days of web searching including this forum, I've yet to find one reference to the lack of Suspend support. I've installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on two older machines (a Dell Dimension 2400 and an HP Pavillion with added Radeon 9200 graphics.) The Dell is working just fine but the HP doesn't give the Suspend option in the Gear Menu and also will not power off completely. I suspect that it's due to the graphics card.

Am I correct in thinking that the Suspend option is missing because Ubuntu doesn't know how to suspend the desktop? Can anyone point me in the right direction to get this problem resolved, in other words, get full support for both suspend and power off? The latter is not a big concern but I hate the idea that the computer will keep motoring at full throttle if I need to leave it unattended for a period of time.